About Henik Lake Adventures

Thank you for taking a few moments to look us over. All of us here at Henik Lake Adventures live and work in Canada’s North, in the Territory of Nunavut

Henik Lake Adventures was founded in 2005, for those who desire to meet the challenges and live the excitement of hunting and fishing in one of the most beautiful and rugged places in the world.

Henik Lake Adventures is owned by Ryan and Dorothy St. John of Arviat, Nunavut. We recently formed a partnership with another quality outfitter, The Lodge at Little Duck in order to more efficiently provide the operational expertise ands back office services required to support our hunting experiences.

The Lodge at Little Duck has been operating fishing and Caribou hunting camps in Northern Manitoba for many years, while also providing vital transportation and logistical services to other businesses/outfitters in the north. Henik Lake Adventures is proud to be entering into our 5th year of partnership with The Lodge at Little Duck. They are committed to, and will provide the high caliber of Arctic hunts and logistical services you have come to expect from Henik Lake Adventures.

Our Camps and Outposts

Arctic hunts are often physically demanding and require careful preparation to ensure a safe and successful hunt. It’s extremely important that all our base camp be able to provide all the essential comforts of home.

Our base camp’s at Baralzon and Edehon Lake is just that. Baralzon Lake is centrally located at the northern most limits of the tree-line, with good fishing for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Northern Pike, as well being  an important caribou travel corridor for the 285,000-strong Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herd. Edehon Lake is located roughly 35 miles NE of Baralzon and also has many major migratory routes through the lakes area. Over the years, both of these locations has provided great caribou hunting adventures and  successes to the many caribou hunters who have hunted

For Spring Muskox Hunts, our base camp is the community of Baker Lake. This is near the Thelon Game Sanctuary in an area traditionally used by the local Musk Ox herds. Being able to come home to a warm room and a hot meal is a great benefit of hunting this area.

Our Caribou camps provide tasty and filling home cooked meals, comfortable, warm and dry accommodations, experienced Inuit guides,  and professional onsite managers all within an Arctic wilderness that is Wild, Untamed and Unspoiled. We are the first and only outfitter in the eastern Arctic to invest a significant amount of resources to establish the infrastructure and equipment that will provide you with a safe and successful hunting adventure.

We are committed to building the most reputable, experienced and successful outfitting company in the eastern Arctic region of Nunavut, Canada.

We live, work, hunt and fish in the Arctic all year around. This is our home!!


Ryan and Dorothy St. John
Henik Lake Adventures